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About Alfa Laval Kathabar Dehumidification Systems

Alfa Laval Kathabar Dehumidification Systems engineers and manufactures liquid  desiccant systems for dehumidification and energy recovery applications. Any manufacturing or processing operation that is humidity-, temperature-, or microorganism-sensitive can be improved in reliability, economy, and efficiency with a Alfa Laval Kathabar system.

Whether your space conditions are 78 °F and 20% RH, 45 °F and 40% RH or even -30°F and -40 °F dew point, an Alfa Laval Kathabar system can provide controlled conditions every day. The result is an improved bottom line for you and your products.

For more than 75 years, the Alfa Laval Kathabar organization has engineered and manufactured dehumidification equipment. From the beginning, it has been the constant goal of the company to meet the ever-evolving needs of industrial, commercial, and institutional customers with quality products that provide reliable, precise, and economical control of temperature and humidity.

Alfa Laval Kathabar’s main headquarters are in Buffalo, New York (USA). Sales offices are spread throughout the United States and Europe. Our manufacturing facility is located in North Carolina (USA).

Markets throughout the world have benefited from Alfa Laval Kathabar, see our Applications section for a list of examples.

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