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Energy Recovery


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Energy Recovery

Twin-Cel is a two-tower Total Energy (Enthalpy) Recovery device. Unlike traditional energy recovery devices (i.e. air to air hx) which can only recover a fraction of the sensible energy in the air and wasting the latent energy available, Twin-Cel can recover both the sensible and latent. Twin-Cel utilizes Kathene/Kalsorb liquid desiccant solutions as the mechanism for capturing energy from building exhaust. Energy Recovery

Advantages of Twin-Cel Energy Recovery

  • Recovers up to 75% of the total exhausted energy
  • No biological cross contamination between the exhaust and supply units
  • Reduces the required building cooling and heating requirements
  • Reduces yearly heating and cooling costs of existing equipment
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Some common applications of the Twin-Cel system can be found in the Twin-Cel Applications Section.