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Principles of Liquid Desiccant

Alfa Laval Kathabar liquid systems utilize a liquid absorbent known as Kathene. This absorbent which is primarily composed of water and lithium chloride salt will dehumidify or humidify its surrounding environment in order to maintain equilibrium. The Alfa Laval Kathabar systems discharge condition is controlled by adjusting the concentration and temperature of the solution. The concentration (the amount of lithium chloride salt in a specific volume of water) has an equilibrium curve which closely follows the relative humidity curves of air found on a psychometric chart (as seen below).

As the moisture is absorbed by the Kathene solution in the “Conditioner” it becomes dilute. To drive the moisture back out of the desiccant it is heated in the “Regenerator” and the moisture is released to the scavenger airstream (typically outside air). The process is done continuously to provide precise conditions to the process.

Kathene (LiCl) is a chemically stable, non toxic, non-vaporizing solution which acts as a biocide to mold, bacteria and viruses. Beyond its physical desiccant nature Kathene also is an effective antifreeze (-90°F/-68°C); for further information on Kathene and its properties please see the linked MSDS.

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