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System Controls Introduction

System Controls Alfa Laval Kathabar Controls the leaving air state-point in the conditioner by controlling by both concentration and temperature of the desiccant.

Concentration in the Alfa Laval Kathabar system is controlled by monitoring the level of Kathene in the system. This is done through the use of a “Bubbler”. The Bubbler works on the principle of back pressure: As air is forced through a tube into the Kathene solution the resulting back pressure is the product of the level of Kathene.

Temperature at a specific concentration of Kathene dictates the resulting air humidity output. This is monitored with an RTD (Resistant Temperature Device) placed in the process discharge. This temperature is closely monitored and directly controls the coolant control valve in order to maintain a leaving air state-point, regardless of the incoming air conditions.

In the Regenerator, as the level increases due to the added moisture from the dehumidification of the process stream in the conditioner(s), the level control panel (LCP) directly controls the hot-water/steam control valve to raise the Kathene spray temperature to drive off moisture to the scavenger airstream at a faster rate.

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