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Liquid Desiccant Products

About Liquid Desiccant Products

System Features & Benefits

Liquid Desiccant Products

Discover System Features and Benefits of Liquid Desiccant Products

Simultaneous Dehumidification and Direct Air Cooling

  • Simple design provides high energy efficiency

Energy Savings

  • Low temperature/scavenger heat sources can be utilized for regeneration
  • Low cost coolant sources, such as cooling tower water can be used for dehumidification
  • 100% modulation of coolant and heat sources

Microbiological Decontamination

  • Effective biocide which captures and neutralizes airborne pathogens

Performance Reliability

  • Non-vaporizing desiccant has infinite life

Precise Humidity Control (+/- 1%RH)

  • Fully adjustable humidity level based on liquid desiccant temperature and concentration

Frost Free Cooling

  • Temperatures as low as -90°F with no coil freeze up or defrost required
  • FRP (Fiberglass) non-metallic industrial construction Long equipment life and reliability

Design Flexibility

  • Use of hot water or low pressure steam for regeneration heat source
  • Multiple conditioners with a single regenerator
  • Vertical and horizontal airflow units available
  • Regenerator can be remote from conditioner


  • During off peak operation the conditioner can provide humidification if needed

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