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Recommended Spare Parts

We here at Kathabar know how important it is to keeping the equipment running at peak performance. That’s why we keep stock of the many common spare parts for fast priority shipment; in addition we also recommend keeping some spare & long lead items in stock on-site for fast and easy change out with little to no down time. Please see the tables below for recommended spare & maintenance parts as well as suggested long lead items to keep in stock. For equipment specific spare parts list, please Contact Us.

Liquid Systems

# Description Purpose Type 
1 Kathene Available in (30 & 55 Gal Drums) Desiccant Media (LiCl) Spare Part
2 Conditioner Pump (Equipment Specific) Sprays Kathene in the conditioner Long Lead
3 Regenerator Pump (Equipment Specific) Sprays Kathene in the regenerator Long Lead
4 Eliminator Pads (Types: Disposable, PM4, PM5) Eliminates mist in both the conditioner and regenerator air Maintenance
5 Bypass Filter Cartridge Used on the conditioner in a side stream configuration to filter the Kathene Maintenance
6 Hydrometer Checking physical Kathene Concentration Spare Part
7 Pressure Gauges Indicating pipe pressures in both the conditioner and regenerator Spare Part
8 Inlet air diffusers (Equipment Specific) If required; diffuses and keeps incoming objects in the air from entering the process Maintenance

Dry Systems

# Description Purpose Type
1 Fan Belt(s) (Equipment Specific) Dehumidification Media Spare Part
2 Desiccant wheel motor (Applications Specific) Rotates the desiccant wheel Long Lead
3 Wheel seals (Application Specific) Designed to keep reactivation and process airflows separated Spare Part
4 Pre-Filters (Equipment Specific) Pre-process filtration for desiccant wheel protection Maintenance
5 Post-Filters (Equipment Specific) Post-process filtration, per application requirements Maintenance
6 Wheel Belt (Equipment Specific) Mechanism used to rotates the desiccant wheel Spare Part
7 Differential Pressure Gauges Used to check pressure drop across the desiccant wheel to make sure wheel or airflow are within tolerances Spare Part
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