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Below is a list of some common questions we have received from our customers, if this FAQ does not address a question or concern, please contact us. How often should the eliminator pads be checked or changed? Eliminator pads should be checked on a bi-monthly basis. Disposable polyester pads can last from 6-12 months under nominal airflow. Long life PM-4 Washable pads can last 12-24 months. Can I wash the polyester eliminator pads and reuse them? No, they are disposable.Can I use standard filter media in lieu of Alfa Laval Kathabar OEM disposable pads? No, Alfa Laval Kathabar pads are made specifically for use as Kathene mist eliminators and do not contain oils for dust retention. They are also made to properly fit in the standard eliminator section. Non OEM pads will wet prematurely and may not be cut to fit correctly. If my system humidity performance is lower than expected do I just add more Kathene? Not necessarily. There may be another reason for the reduced performance. Is there a troubleshooting guide for Alfa Laval Kathabar units? Yes, it is inside every Alfa Laval Kathabar O&M Manual sent out. Can too much Kathene be put in a system? Yes, Concentration design limits can be exceeded, please contact Alfa Laval Kathabar for recomendations. Can the performance of the unit be increased from the original design? Yes, the Alfa Laval Kathabar performance can be re-designed to meet new requirements. Contact Alfa Laval Kathabar for further assistance.Do I need air filters on the Conditioner and Regenerator inlets? Yes, the cleaner the air that enters the system the better it will function. Kathene has an indefinite life but it can become contaminated in time. Using our free Kathene sampling service is the best way to monitor the strength of your solution.

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