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About Twin-Cel Products

Principles of Twin-Cel

The Twin-Cel enthalpy recovery system consists of one or more supply units pre-treating building ventilation air and one or more exhaust units recovering energy from building exhaust air.
In operation, supply and exhaust airstreams are scrubbed with a biocidal solution (Kathene/Kalsorb), which transfers both temperature and humidity. This total energy transfer is accomplished by continuously re-circulating the solution between supply and exhaust units.

Summer Operation

During summer operation the ventilation air is cooled and dehumidified in the supply unit before entering the building HVAC system thus reducing refrigeration load. The energy from the absorbed temperature and humidity is transferred to the exhaust unit where it is released to the environment with the building exhaust.


Winter Operation

When the Twin-Cel system is in winter operation mode the ventilation air can be supplied at a fixed leaving air condition (temperature and humidity). Energy (heat and humidity) is captured from the building exhaust airstream and is used to treat the incoming ventilation air. In cold climates supplemental heat and/or moisture may be required to reach desired discharge condition.

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